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Times were that you just wrote a book and left it to your publisher to handle the marketing side of things. Those days are long gone. Even if you land a print publisher, they’re now going to expect you as the writer to handle a lot of your own marketing load. Often, that means setting up a social media presence and making as much noise as possible. Trouble is, you’re not the only author shouting.

Book discoverability is a big deal for any writer – indie or trad-published. At the last count, there were nearly four million books on the Kindle platform. So how can an author, perhaps one just embarking on their career, stand out from all those other millions of competing titles?

In this new podcast, the authors James Blatch and Mark Dawson discuss how authors can work to gain visibility in a very crowded marketplace.

James also interviews Adam Kolczynski from iAuthor about his platform to help writers find an audience. iAuthor offers a method of what they call “serendipitous discovery” to help put books in front of readers who are more likely to be interested in checking it out.

I haven’t used iAuthor yet myself, but I’ll listen to the podcast with interest.

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