About the Author’s Apprentice

The Author’s Apprentice is an online service that allows readers aged 13-17 to work with an international best-selling author in producing a novel across the course of a year.

Readers will be involved from the start of the creative process to the very end, and can take part in votes on everything from the genre of the novel, the names of the characters, direction of major plot development, through to the final cover art to be used on the jacket design.

At the end of the process, the finished novel will be available in a variety of formats and feature the name of all the apprentices involved during the year in a special dedication section of the book.

The service is designed to deepen fiction writing skills, help build an abiding love of literature, and provide a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse of the professional publishing world in real time. And most important of all, it’s intended to be a whole lot of fun!

It’s never been done before. The universe could implode. Reality could collide. Do you have what it takes to be . . . The Author’s Apprentice?