Advice on turning your book into a movie.

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The journey from receiving a phone call from a Hollywood team who are keen to turn your novel into a blockbusting movie, to marching up the red carpet at the world premiere of the movie-of-your-book can be a painful one – and there’s no guarantee of a happy ending involving a private jet and your own private J.K. Rowling-sized castle!

In this podcast from crime author Mark Dawson, he interviews novelist Cal Moriarty.

Cal’s years working in the film business in LA means she’s well placed to advise on what to do – and what not to do – when you pick up that call from Hollywood.

What should you expect in terms of being paid upfront and when the film gets made and is released? What kind of deals should you say “no” to?

Cal discusses good deals, bad deals and percentages for budding authors.

Advice on turning your book into a movie.

Advice on turning your book into a movie.

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