Amazon now lets authors plug their books on their shop … for a fee.

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As an indie author you have to always be open to fresh marketing options. It’s an area of hyper-innovation online and you’d be daft not to keep an eye out for what might be the next new thing to give your novels a decent marketing boost.

In this new video podcast, UK-based thriller author Mark Dawson looks at how Amazon has opened up their shop to let the little indie authors have a go at plugging their books on the world’s largest online shop.

He says,

You’re probably aware that Facebook advertising has been my go-to service for a number of years although I did give Amazon ads a go some time back. The experience was not good. In fact, after trialling the service, I opted to leave it well alone and expend my marketing energies elsewhere.

But that’s all changed. In fact, it’s changed so much we’re going to be including a brand new module on Amazon ads in next week’s launch of our comprehensive Advertising for Authors course. By way of a precursor to that, and after revisiting the platform for an extended test drive, this week’s masterclass episode is devoted entirely to AMS. Tune in to find out how it all works and how you can make Amazon ads a key part of your marketing mix.

I tried Facebook ads a while ago and didn’t find them very cost effective at shifting copies of my books, to be honest. I’m now planning to give Amazon’s own advert system a try and will see if they work any better in practice.

In this case, better would be defined as “Spend $5 on ads and make $10 in sales back.”

If it’s spend $10 to make $5 in sales you might as well as give Amazon the password to your online bank account and let them help themselves.

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