Author’s Apprentice 2017 Calendar.

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Here’s the calendar for the Author’s Apprentice 2017. It’s subject to all the usual unforseens with writing and publishing a book – writer’s block, printers on strike, copy-editor sick etc . . . just like the real world.

To make sure you get the e-mail reminders prompting you for actions around each of these dates (votes, downloading the most recent chapters etc), do make sure you are signed up the main e-mail list for the program.

Author's Apprentice 2015 Calendar.

October 2016/January 2017
Student registration.

January 2017
Publication of initial teaser and concept/opening chapters.

June 2017
Publication of first third of the novel.

October 2017
Publication of second third of the novel.

December 2017
Publication of final third of the novel.

January 2018
Final editing and manuscript correction.

February 2018
Production of novel.

February 2018
Publication of the novel.

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