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Okay, Apprentices, the raw manuscript for the 2017 novel, Mission to Mightadore, is now ready for your reading pleasure.

You chose not to use the more cartoon-ish cover design with Commodore Black waving a sword, but plumped for the airbrushed steampunk submarine exploring the moon’s oceans, so that’s the design we’re going with.

All the typos and mistakes you’ve spotted and submitted to date should be incorporated in the latest edition of the book, but there are undoubtedly a few more errors and bugs to be flushed out and zapped.

You can download the book from http://dl.bookfunnel.com/mchuer8h4g

If you find any fresh typos, please send them to my attention using the form at http://home.theauthorsapprentice.co.uk/report-mistakes-in-the-book/

There will be a full new Author’s Apprentice programme running from January 2020, but the web-site isn’t going on vacation until then. I’ll be updating the site shortly with a new science fiction novel I’m working on.

Classic airbrushed style.

Classic airbrushed style.

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