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Thanks to everyone who contributed name suggestions for one of the rather more evil characters who will be appearing in the first 3rd of the Darkness of the Vigil, coming your way in June.

There were literally hundreds of great suggestions for character names – which I’ve winnowed down to a more manageable selection for voting.

Here they are. Get voting and I’ll let you know which name won the poll in a week or two.

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I also now need a name for a new female character – a young Vigil agent from California – so, if you could add your suggestions in the comments field below, I’ll bundle my pick of the crop for another poll for you, soon.

Same rules as before, for suggesting the character’s name . . .

  • The name should be fictional and made-up – e.g. NOT your brother, best friend, your own name, your English teacher’s name etc.
  • The name should be your own creation and not imported from another book, TV series, film or whatever – so not Jon Snow, Tintin, Luke Skywalker or similar.
  • The name should be vaguely plausible to the world’s grounded real world setting – so not Piggly Phartpants or other such japery. Given the book’s set in America, feel free to play with nationality – the name certainly doesn’t have to be Anglo-Saxon in origin; could be Norwegian, African, German, Italian etc.
  • I need a full first and second name . . . e.g. John Smith, rather than just John, or just Mr Smith.
A Valley Girl? Like, I can totally come up with that!

A Valley Girl? Like, I can totally come up with that!


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