City of Bones (book review, by Iris).

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Clary Fray is seeing things: vampires in Brooklyn and werewolves in Manhattan. Irresistibly drawn towards a group of sexy demon hunters, Clary encounters the dark side of New York city- and the dangers of forbidden love.

For The City of Bones, the blurb says it all. In two lines it sums up the entire plot line, not that there is that much to sum up in the first place, and successfully puts off all sane readers. Between that and the “Sexy demon hunters”, not to mention that above it has a review by Stephanie Meyer author of Twilight, it might as well be signing its own death warrant.
By using its ‘werewolves’, ‘vampires’ and ‘forbidden love’, it has preyed on the unsuspecting and ignorant fans of twilight, enticing them over with references to the other terrible vampire/werewolf book series most people are trying to forget and front covers with a shirtless man, already warning in advance how shallow the book will be.

City of Bones (book review, by Iris).

City of Bones (book review, by Iris).

The protagonist of this book, Clary Fray, a stubborn girl whose character development starts and ends with ‘red hair’ teams up with Jace Wayland; a boy whose character development starts and ends with ‘he was the shirtless guy on the cover’, and together they must save New York from the villain , Valentine.

Clary discovers that her mother was a ‘sexy demon hunter’ known as a shadow hunter, and comes to grips with the knowledge that she is too. When her mother goes missing, she calls on the help of Jace and some sidekicks who are only there to provide more sides on the love triangle, and together the first thing they do is accessorise and go to party. After this and some kissing the story finally starts a few hundred pages in when Clary remembers the location of a cup. It is no ordinary cup however, it is a magical cup that provides the entire storyline, and the motivation for the villain and the protagonists to fight. They then set off to retrieve it and then SPOILER ALERT this leads to a Star Wars moment when it turns out that Princess Clary and Jace skywalker are siblings and Valentine is *to be said in a Darthvader voice* their father.

Considering up until then the book had been mostly flirting and kissing between them this moment is a bit icy. They muse over this for a few chapters and then on that awkward note the book ends, leaving you with a feeling the author was so sick of it herself she just wanted it to be over, with no further explinations.


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