Come up with a back-story for Eleanor and Ian . . .

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An exercise for you to do before the next series of votes  …

Without re-writing what we already know about Eleanor Lythe and Ian, come up with a maximum 300-word back-story for one or both of these characters’ lives. I’ll choose the best ones to put to the vote later on, and when we have a winner, integrate the back-story details into the novel. Remember, Eleanor recently came from a children’s home, and all we really know about Ian is that he was turned by vampires and given the cure in the 1980s.

Where did they grow up? Who were some of the people closest to them (parents, enemies, friends and the like)? Who bit Ian? Other than being turned by a vampire, what happened to them to make them the persons they are today? What other powers might they have inherited from their vampires?

Post your complete backstories on the comments field below. I’ll pick a selection of the best to vote on by July 31st 2015.

A Valley Girl? Like, I can totally come up with that!

Can we be Besties, please?

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