Cover Story – photorealism wins the day – and serial killers.

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No surprise to anyone who has been following the vote for the style of cover design, but my personal favourite – Illustration – has been roundly trounced by the dark forces of Photorealism. Well, at least the decision keeps it cheap for me to commission!

That’s the next step for me . . . the designers will be beavering away with a number of alternative designs for the cover for you to vote on in the near future.

In the meantime, I need a name for a convicted male serial killer who makes an appearance in the first third of the novel, and am turning to you, dear reader, to provide it.

Send me a serial killer . . .

Send me a serial killer . . .

Just post your suggestions in the comments below and I’ll make a selection of the best of them available for you to vote on soon.

Some rules for choosing the character’s name . . .

  • The name should be fictional and made-up – e.g. NOT your brother, best friend, your own name, your English teacher’s name etc.
  • The name should be your own creation and not imported from another book, TV series, film or whatever – so not Jon Snow, Tintin, Luke Skywalker or similar.
  • The name should be vaguely plausible to the world’s grounded real world setting – so not Piggly Phartpants or other such japery. Given the book’s set in America, feel free to play with nationality – the name certainly doesn’t have to be Anglo-Saxon in origin; could be Norwegian, African, German, Italian etc.
  • I need a full first and second name . . . e.g. John Smith, rather than just John, or just Mr Smith.

Beyond that, let your imagination rip and expect a vote to select the actual name soon!

Post your suggestions below . . .


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