E-books: why they’re NOT big in Japan.

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E-books have more or less ruled the roost in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand as far as popular fiction is concerned. But in Japan? Nope. Not even a little bit. The London School of Economics has an interesting article on why that is by Tomoko Kawakami at Japan’s Waseda University.

She explains that mistrust of Amazon by the traditional industry – everyone from authors, publishers and bookshops – means Amazon never got the same traction that they did in the English-speaking nations.

Copyright law has also influenced the availability of e-books in Japan. Since the 1990s, American publishers have typically secured the rights for paper and e-book publication at the same time. In Japan, however, books are often published based only on verbal agreements. Moreover, even with a written contract, authors generally retain the copyrights to their works. As a result, the publication of an e-book edition of a paper book typically requires a separate agreement with the author or authors. One publisher told us that in most cases these agreements must be negotiated in face-to-face meetings. Moreover, concerns about piracy often make authors reluctant to permit the publication of e-book editions of their works.

You can read the full article over at http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/businessreview/2017/03/07/why-e-readers-succeeded-as-a-disruptive-innovation-in-the-us-but-not-in-japan/

E-books: why they're NOT big in Japan.

E-books: why they’re NOT big in Japan.


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  1. Blerton Gerguri says:

    Do you believe e-books are better than actual books?

    • sofia says:

      ebooks aren’t better than actual books at all. an actual book smells nicer, feels nicer, tastes nicer and theyre generally better. ebooks make me sad.

      • Scrumpy Mcgrabnab says:

        I agree with Sofia. I enjoy the taste of Ebooks, and I appreciate the smell.

      • Emily Cowen says:

        I do not agree with what either of you said. Books make people smarter so we are now able to survive. I think sofia is a breakfast pancake without the bacon and blerton a pancake with bacon AND syrup. I prefer to eat books whole instead of reading them and if you read them I cant eat them as well as ebooks are plates with light. Do not take my food or plates. You too are perfect for each other and I hope you will enjoy your books together whilst i enjoy eating them.

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