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When I read e-books, I tend to read them on my dedicated Kindle ebook reader – currently a Kindle PaperWhite. I love its Pearl-technology e-paper screen, which makes it feel like you’re reading from paper, not reading from a reflective computer screen . . . but that reading experience does come with a hefty price. Around £100/$200 at the last check.

But here’s a secret hiding in plain sight – you can actually download the Kindle software free and run it on your existing gizmos – be they iPhone, Android Smartphone, iPad, tablet, PC, Mac, laptop or desktop.

This enables you to read your e-book library wherever you are in the world, and take advantage of all the free book/discounted book offers authors and publishers keep on releasing exclusively on the Kindle. All without shelling out for the fancy new hardware.

Here’s the direct links to grab your free Kindle software …

– Any tablet or phone that runs the Android operating system (that’s pretty much everything not made by Apple):

– Any iPad, iPod or iPhone:

– Computers, laptops and PCs running Microsoft Windows:‎ (UK)‎ (USA)

– Computers from Apple: Apple Mac:‎ (UK)‎ (USA)

Free Kindles for all!

Free Kindles for all!

You can also visit this page, – then tap in your mobile phone number, and be sent a Kindle software download link appropriate to your phone. If you’re in Canada, the link is – or if you’re USA-based, use

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