Grammar Greatness: Tell me about Exclamation Marks, I SHOUTED!

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The Exclamation Mark ! is added to the end of a sentence to add emphasis, a little like SHOUTING!

In the USA this is also called an Exclamation Point!

You can use the Exclamation Mark to give commands, issue exclamatory statements, or add extra emotional weight.


  • “Give me the money, now!” yelled the crook as she waved her pistol in the air.
  • Sit down right this second! I didn’t have to think twice about obeying.
  • “I can’t take it anymore!” I sobbed.
  • A shiny new jeep sitting in my drive. Oh yes!
  • Good morning!


You don’t need to add a full stop after an Exclamation Mark as ! contains its own full stop baked into the character.

You also don’t need to add more than one Exclamation Mark unless you’re texting and (a) want to look like a crazy person or (b) look like a cat has fallen asleep on your keyboard.

Incorrect: You must do it!.

Incorrect: You must do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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