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Becoming an author used to be composed of two major challenges – (1) Writing a book. Then, (2) Getting your book published.

In the good old days before Amazon blasted the industry, lots of people managed (1).

(2) Was where it got tricky. Penguin’s science fiction imprint used to get around between 70,000 and 100,000 unsolicited manuscripts each year from budding authors, of which they could only commission on average three new authors a year. Those were poor odds of getting published – which is why war stories abound of how many times great, successful and popular novels – Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings – were rejected by all the major publishers, and only just managed to get into print.

Of course, now that Amazon, iTunes and Google Play will allow you (and everyone else) to upload your novels into their system as e-books, (2) has been removed as an issue. The bad news is that there’s now a new challenge (3). And that challenge is finding readers willing to give your book a try when your novel is a single grain of sand on the very long beach of self-starting authors . . . 2.7 million indie published e-books on Amazon alone at last count.

This is where marketing comes in. And the good news is that process has been democratized by the Internet too. You don’t need Saatchi & Saatchi in your corner. You can do it yourself. You can set up an advertising account on FaceBook and advertise your book to millions of potential readers on FaceBook for a couple of pennies or cents per click.

There is a blog over at which is a great one to follow for practical hints on how to launch killer FaceBook ad campaigns . . . I read him regularly myself. My best advice is to start small and learn the ropes before you start spending real money. Limit yourself to $10 a month until you’ve worked out all the nooks and crannies of the system. It’s easy to waste your bucks by reaching the wrong audience or designing adverts that don’t actually bring in readers who will buy your books.

Here’s Jon’s handy chart for the right sizes for designing your advert .jpgs

FaceBook advert sizes - click to view bigger

FaceBook advert sizes – click to view bigger



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