Names for the Chance Zapman book (vote).

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OK, here are a selection of your suggested names for the female lead in Chance Zapman and the Planet of Deadly Doom

Your suggestions are followed by the voting form to vote for which name makes the final cut …

Alexandria ‘Alex’ Hartsthorne
Brooklyn ‘Brook’ Heights
Celeste Adlen
Charlotte Banaszak
Charlotte Cox
Crystal Morgan
Delilah Angel
Emma Arrowood
Evelyn Eberstark
Florence (Flora) Blake
Isla Woods
Katherine Falconer
Katrina Adylenne
Linnaea Castleona
Lydia Harrow
Maeve Payne
Margo Sandy
Mireia Rothschild
Molly Bear
Motsy Pine
Natalie Quintin
Riley Sallow
Samantha Hornby
Samantha Lawthorpe
Stephanie Merigold
Vic Donnteenie (Covid – nineteen rearranged!)

Quite a few suggestions had to be removed because they feature in existing games/books/movies/TV series or were a little too close to real-life celebs (especially the ones with expensive lawyers who might try to sue a poor struggling author).

Don’t worry if your ideas didn’t make it into the final vote – there were so many great ones to choose from, and the poll is already creaking at the seams!

Vote for the name of the lead female character ...

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Chance Zapman and the Planet of Deadly Doom

Chance Zapman and the Planet of Deadly Doom

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