Of indies and bestsellers.

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Writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch looks at the history of the bestseller across her literary career and asks how an indie author should feel about the label ‘bestseller’. Jealous? Envious? Something to work towards?

Or just a crooked trick of the literary establishment that is now more or less meaningless in the age of the ‘long tail’ – e.g. your e-book will sit on Amazon’s virtual shelves for eternity, not just a couple of weeks as dead-tree in a Waterstones book shop. In such a world, the term ‘bestseller’ (massive sales: short time frame) loses most of its meaning.

Check her article out over at http://kriswrites.com/2017/02/08/business-musings-the-indie-and-the-bestseller/

Of indies and bestsellers.

Of indies and bestsellers.

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