Pirates attack authors … authors don’t care?

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Author Robert Kroese has just written an interesting take over at http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2017/02/23/piracy/ on the perils of piracy afflicting authors. Not the kind of piracy where your boat gets boarded and you get kidnapped and held to ransom  – which is rather serious – but the annoying variety where the fruits of your creative labour get cloned and copied and made available online everywhere for free.

Robert makes the point that the biggest challenge facing a new author isn’t piracy … it’s obscurity, and goes on to say basically not to worry about pirate copies of your work being streamed out there.

I would agree with most of the points Rob makes.

You can play whack-a-mole against illegal torrents of your books using every second of your writing time (and a fair chunk of your home life too). Won’t make a blind bit of difference. And to be honest, most of the files when you examine them aren’t actually copies of your book, they’re files of malware pretending to be your book, in the hope that someone tries to download it.

Then said downloader wonders why all the money has vanished out of their online bank and why their PayPal account is being used to buy and send expensive trainers to a postal address in Hong Kong?

What goes around, comes around.

Pirates attack authors ... author's don't care?

Pirates attack authors … author’s don’t care?


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