Power blurbing.

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Are you any good at writing blurbs for your creative works?

You’ll be surprised how difficult this is to do well. Effective copy writing is a skill all by itself. A talent that can earn you decent money in industry and take years of hard study to master.

It’s one of those areas that big data has started to change – with many online advert platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter allowing you to test different adverts alongside each other to see what words/images work and what words don’t (this practice is called “A/B Testing” by marketing people).

In this fascinating article, specialist fiction platform Bookbub looks at simple changes you can make to your ad words that will lead to higher sales.

Check their tips out at https://insights.bookbub.com/book-description-ab-tests-you-need-to-see/

When they mention CTR in the article, this means Click-through-rate. So if 1000 people see your advert online and 100 people click on your advert, that is a click-through rate of 10%. Higher rates are always better. Low rates will get you fired as an advert writer/designer.

Bookbub’s main offering is a free daily email newsletter for readers which lists discount or free e-books, so you can sign up if you fancy getting your hands on free books! Surf on over to https://www.bookbub.com/ebook-deals/free-ebooks for this service. You can specify which genres you want to see books for – scifi, romance, young adult, etc.

Free is always my favourite price point.

Power blurbing.

Power blurbing.

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