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This is the form you can use to report errors in the book.  

If you want to suggest ideas for the plot, story, characters etc., then it’s better to discuss it in the forum here, rather than using this form. That way, everyone can contribute together. This is purely for mistakes found … what are called ‘typos’ in the trade.

Here’s some examples of each main type of typo . . .

Spelling mistake: It was acceptible (should read It was acceptable).

Punctuation mistake: ‘Hello, he said. (missing the closing speech mark, should read ‘Hello, he said.)

Continuity mistake: Character described with green eyes on page 12, blue eyes on page 145.

Grammar mistake: Your beautiful (should be You’re beautiful).

Be a pal and try and include enough detail in the ‘error found’ field to help your long-suffering author locate and fix the mistake.

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