The Betrayal… (original fiction submitted by Harrison).

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The Betrayal…

Chapter 1

It was a lone night. There was silence across the land, the stars were as if they weren’t even there. Air was filled with gloom and hatred, unfortunate for the 2 malnourished boys, treated with no respect, desperate for money as they suffer in a broken down, ancient bunkhouse. As one laid asleep the other stood awake staring into the abyss with a handful of letters from various people.

‘John?’, said cliff, just waking up from the glaring moonlight, shining directly mysteriously wrong. John was very quiet and was always happy, but only around his family and people he trusts, from this cliff can gather something is extremely wrong. Cliff struggled to get up as he has had back had problems ever since he was born. He slowly made his way over to John and as he stood in front of him, John was in tears. His eyes bloodshot, struggling to breathe. Cliff instantly through his arms around him. ‘John, are you ok?!’, Cliff was struggling to get his attention. John suddenly dropped the letter as his tears continued to fall from his bloodshot eyes.

Cliff rushed to get John to lay down as if he was having a panic attack.  As he layered pillows and blankets beneath him, he made sure his heart was stable by checking his pulse. As Johns heart was stable, Cliffs back was hurting more then ever trying to ensure he was ok. As despair was still filling the air Cliff went to read the devastating letter. Just from scanning over the letter to find the general message tipped Cliff back into the chair behind him. His palms instantly started to sweat; he began to get double vision just from the general message that was given to John and himself.

‘Dear John,

I’m sorry to give you this news but I’m afraid you do have to know,

As you both know you have not had the best life, it has been filled with physical and mental abuse, malnourishment, poverty. However, it has been pointed out by carefully analysed evidence it was not your mothers’ fault, she did everything in her power to protect you from a group of people who was deeply hurting your mother. She did keep you fed and gave you all of her life savings which is ready to be collected. However, unfortunately, your mother, Claire, committed suicide because of the men who was doing this. The suicide note stated, my boys if you’re out there, I did this protect you from these men before they get you and take everything from you, I’m sorry and I love you loads, from the moon back. The investigation has had to be closed due to there being no lead for tracking these mysterious men. The collection is ready to be made from your local police station,

We are all sorry to be telling you this as you, John and Cliff Goodman,

From the Pasadena Police Department.

Cliff fell from his chair as tears were falling from his depressed eyes. He slowly crawled towards his equally upset brother and layed next to him struggling not to break down. ‘I already miss her, I knew mum was innocent, I knew it.’ As they both layed there, John remained silent. Both was riddled with insomnia, thinking of all the memories they had with what was they’re their family. ‘Its me and you now brother, I love you’ Cliff quietly said, John replied with a catch in his throat, ‘I love you to brother’

Chapter 2

Night flew by, as it turned to day it wasn’t a happy one, clouds submerged the sky as rained poured and trickled down from above. But that’s unfortunately not all. Cliff woke up partially refreshed. But to only see john was missing. ‘John!?, Where are you’ he yelled feeling abandoned and alone, ‘I can’t lose you too..’ he whispered as he curled into a ball on the crooked and spikey floor, being drenched by the gloomy, depressing rain. As he sat there with eyes still flooding with ocean like tears, he began to question his life, but the main question he couldn’t get out of his head was ‘why me?’. Cliff continuously whispered this to himself to try and figure out why bad things kept happening to him demolishing his hope every time.

Suddenly as he was sitting there a drop of rain majestically flowed down onto the top his head triggering a flashback of a memory, he thought he never had.

Him and his family was playing, watching movies, john was happier than ever whilst Sarah, their mother, had a smile brighter and larger than the sun, the fathers name couldn’t be recalled, however, he was there with john and cliff having the best time, unfortunately that was the only memory cliff could recall where everyone was happy. This flashback gave cliff the sliver of hope to help him to get off his feet and figure out what to do next. ‘I will find you brother, I will figure out who did all of this, I promise…’

He came out of his flash back and gathered his belongings and set of to embark and expedition to redeem what he wanted the most, his brother and answers. A promise is one of the strongest things on Earth, and there’s one thing about Cliff, he will always keep his promise. With the heart demolishing letter in his hand he started his life changing journey to get to the Pasadena police department. While stumbling to his destination, people from all over gave him looks of disgust, not knowing what he’s going through, However, that did not stop him, he would walk through fire to complete what he has now started. One of the most important things in life is determination, and the most important is the thing you should love the most, family.

Walking through the streets he got a glimpse of what people are like. Angry, short-tempered, not close to how civilised Cliff thought they would be. From looking at the floods of people he was riddled with claustrophobia and got lost. He eventually stood up to find someone for directions. ‘excuse me sir’ Cliff struggled to say as his breathe was short and his body filled with uncontrollable nerves. All the people did was move away from Cliff lie he had a type of disease. ‘Sir a mome..’, Cliff barely finished his word before the man turned around and aggressively yelled with a deep tone in his voice ‘Get lost, I don’t want to speak to you, you disgusting beggar’. Cliff instantly sank, his heart felt like it got stood on. ‘No sir, I’m just loo..’ He tried to say, ‘Listen buddy, back off before I make you.’ The man threatened as he violently pushed Cliff away as he walked off. ‘This world is too cruel, maybe I should just give up.’ Cliff muttered. However, strolling up was tall, beautiful women with hair as soft as silk, a smile whiter than fresh snow. ‘are you ok’ she said with a smile and had ready to help Cliff up. ‘unfortunately, no, everything in my life has been going unexceptionally wrong, people are so aggressive and uncivilised’ Cliff said struggling to keep it together, he took her hand and got up, ‘can I buy you a coffee?’ she said, ‘that would make my day’ Cliff said with a smile on his face, it was the first time he did that for days.

As they were walking to the shop, they started a conversation of what’s been happening in Cliffs life, he even handed her the devastating letter. As she read the heart-breaking letter, her heart sunk just like cliffs did after she read it. Tears trickled from her eyes as her hands started to shake, ‘I’m so sorry’ she struggled to say as she was still crying. For a reason that wasn’t known Cliff felt unusually comfortable around her, he already thinks that he can tell her everything. ‘I’ve embarked on a journey to find these men and get my brother back’ he said with his hands clenched into fists, trying to with hold the burning rage within. ‘ill come with you, I will help, these men need to be found for causing havoc upon your life, I can already tell you’re a nice guy which is why you could use my money’ she kindly requested as she layed her hand on his. ‘Thanks, but I couldn’t take your money’ he replied kindly

‘I insist, come on’ she kindly said getting the bill as she asked to order a cab.

As they walked out of the shop Cliff asked happily, ’I never got your name’

‘Sarah’ she kindly said with a smile more beautiful than twinkling stars, ‘What a lovely name’ Cliff said with the warm drink resting in his stomach making him feel warm and happy inside, ‘my names Cliff’ he finished, ‘I know’ she softly said continuing to smile as they got into the cab. Cliff was suspicious of this mysterious woman, he questioned in his head how did she know his name. However, there is a more serious case in point, solving the murder of his unfortunate mother and finding his brother.

With the sun finally begging to beam through, the taxi cab began sat off with the command of Sarah setting a destination. After a short journey thay arrived at a unusually expensive clothe shop. As they went In Cliff was very confused as he had never been in such a fancy shop like it before.

‘Can you afford any of this’ said Cliff gazing at all the exquisite clothes

‘Of course of dear, this is why its good to have me around to help’ Sarah said holding up some of the most beautiful clothes they had: elephant skin jeans, a handsome polo shirt the colour of rosy red apples, and an elegant gold chain with an alligator skin hat to show off to the world that good things can happen to nice people.

They both strolled out of the shop with Cliff feeling a million bucks. ‘Thanks Sarah, that is extremely kind of you’ he said with a huge smile, with his whole body filled to the brim with happiness, ‘It’s no problem, I’m just glad to help’ she replied finishing her sentence with a loving hug. Cliff was still suspicious about Sarah, but in a good way, never before has he felt so comfortable around someone, it’s like he met her before but he couldn’t remember her at all. They continued to get back into the taxi after purchasing the more than expensive clothes. Cliff took the opportunity to set the destination to the Pasadena Police Department to retrieve the remaining money and see if there’s any lead on Cliff’s mothers forced suicide.

Cliff sat back into his seat anticipating to get the police station as he looked over at Sarah as she softly nodded while the car began its journey to its next stop. The Police Station.

Chapter 3

The cars engine hummed quietly as the car began to set off. Time was passing quickly meaning they need to get to the station quick. Going further into the city, bigger and darker clouds started to form as rain quickly fell down from them soaking everything beneath thoroughly as if they were trying to fill a pond. Wind started to blast in the opposite direction causing resistance among the car, it is as if the universe forbids them to retrieve the information to make a lead.

‘I’m sorry this is all I can take you, the storms too powerful’, said the Taxi man pulling the vehicle to a stop.

‘Sir please, its vital to me that we get there’ Cliff said as his eyes started to flood and his smile began to shorten. The man could do nothing as floods where beginning to form, he unlocked the doors as rain was still pouring.

‘The police station is at least a couple of miles away’ Said Sarah, glimpsing at Cliff, scared that he might breakdown. Luckily, they were not far away from a hotel. They began to walk whilst Cliff scuffed his feet aggressively as the weather is preventing his journey for answers. Closer to the hotel, water began to heighten, lightning even began to strike not far from where they were

‘we best jog a bit before the water gets to close’ shouted Sarah as the wind was removing most sound and were almost able to push them over. Whilst the strength of the wind was increasing, they eventually arrived at the hotel soaked. However. As they got to the main entrance the doors where already locked and sealed shut. The water was rapidly rising as question flew threw Cliffs mind: ‘is this the end?’, ‘why wont this world let me get answers?’. Cliff had enough and didn’t want to give up without a fight. With his blood boiling and fists clenched he angrily walked up to the door and started to hit it as hard as he can until he got some sort of answer. No response emerged and the water was getting closer by the second. It got to the point where Cliff would not leave until he gets in. He starts to kick the door until someone summons.

‘There’s no time! You need to leave now’ a man yells through the sealed door looking angrier than ever

‘There’s two ways of doing this’ Cliff screams with a deeper voice then unusual ‘either you let us in, or I get in because one way or another I’m going to make sure were both safe.’ Cliff demanded this as he kicked the door one last time as a crack began to form. Sarah could see that Cliff wasn’t taking no for an answer as his anger was visibly increasing. The man finally agreed to let them in as he couldn’t risk the door smashing. He unsealed the door and rushed in Cliff and Sarah as the water was about to flood in.

‘Thank you, sir, I deeply apologize for my actions, it has been a hard week and I need to do something vitally important’ Cliff tried to explain his anger whilst Sarah kindly payed the man some money to repair the cracked glass. Thankfully the man calmed and gave Cliff and Sarah a room. Sarah told the man that she would pay when they left, the man agreed and her and Cliff proceeded to the room.

They arrived at the room and as they walked in there was barely any conversation at all. Cliff layed in bed staring out the window demanding in his head that he will find his brother and he will find out who cause the pain of his unfortunate mother. It was midnight until Cliff finally got to sleep, but the night passed fast.

It was 7:00 in the morning, Cliff was already awake gazing to what angered him. Sarah awoke and was questioning what he was doing. She got out of bed and went over to the window to glimpse at what he was doing and it was what was expected. A flood. Cliff was not happy and Sarah did not know what to do. She tried to comfort him by resting her arms behind him however he just swatted them away. It was clear to her that he did not want to be disturbed. Sarah decided to leave him be and order room service to see if that would supply some comfort. Once the food trolley arrived Sarah asked an estimate of when the flood would clear up. The man replied he didn’t know but he would of thought the drains would get rid of the water by tomorrow afternoon. The thanked the man as she took the food trolley and rolled it towards Cliff. Not knowing what to whilst she waits, she made some coffee and decided to watch a movie, continuously glimpsing at Cliff as the movie progressed but he didn’t move from looking at the flood gradually drain. It got to the point where time progressed to night.

‘Cliff, are you ok my darling, I will ensure that your expedition is complete’ Sarah gently said trying to get a response out of him before going to sleep. Cliff remained silent and slowly nodded his head, continuing to look out of the window. Once she got some response out him, she accepted his anger into consideration and turned off the lights and went to sleep until the next day arose. During the night she awoke to check on Cliff yet he was still in the same position. It was at this point were Sarah was seriously worried, but all she could do is wait until the next morning came.

Day broke, and the clouds still submerged the sky. Cliff mysteriously disappeared, resulting in Sarah jumping out of her bed to find him. She checked if there were notes but nothing was to be seen. She jumped to gaze out the window see that the flood has cleared. She began to panic wondering if Cliff left early. She instantly felt betrayed. Sarah was repeatedly thinking this as she was about to break down into tears. She was still looking around for any clues until she realized all of her possessions weren’t to be found. Whilst she was on the verge on having a breakdown a knock emerged on the door. The next question which summoned was who could that be? She quickly progressed to the door removing the ocean like tears from her face.

As she opened the heavy door standing before her was cliff, brimming with eager to get on the road again. Instantly a smile shot its self-back onto Sarah’s red face as she quickly gave Cliff a hug, a sign of relief of betrayal.

‘I thought you left’ she said clutching Cliffs body as one last single teardrop falls down her face.

‘After all you’ve done for me, I wouldn’t think of it’ whispered Cliff holding her back. ‘The cars waiting downstairs, lets continue this journey’ he finished as they progressed down to the patient taxi driver.

Sarah stepped into the car and began to apologise to the taxi driver whilst Cliff carefully stumbled into the car as his back was continuing to cause unbearable pain. He slammed the door shut and nodded his head sat the driver as the destination was already set.




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