Too many books? Like that’s a bad thing.

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With the Hay Literary Festival in full swing, Radio 4 programme Front Row asks the rather silly question . . . “Do we publish too many books?”

In front of a live audience, the panel discuss some of the pressing issues that face the book publishing industry today: has the emergence of digital books diluted the quality and undermined the value of books? Is self publishing a route to new and exciting authors or a path to derivative mediocrity? With so many authors, is it possible to make a living as a writer and are the writers who do make it, representative of the diversity of modern Britain?

Too many books? Like that's a bad thing.

Too many books? Like that’s a bad thing.

The panel are: Philip Jones editor of the trade journal The Bookseller, Crystal Mahey-Morgan Digital Sales and Marketing Director at Zed Books, Alexandra Pringle, the group editor in chief of Bloomsbury and Ali Sparks author of 41 books for children.

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