Welcome everyone: the Author’s Apprentice 2015 kicks off!

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Welcome, everyone. It’s time to throw open the virtual gates to the Author’s Apprentice 2015. Here we go – can you hear them creaking? I wonder if you can buy digital oil in cyberspace?

There are now first chapters up on the web site for four very different books. The first order of business is for you to read the novels, then vote which one you want me to press ahead with for the rest of the year, finish and publish.

The books are . . .

Science fiction/adventure: Legends of the Time-Lost.

Fantasy: Mission to Mightadore.

Superhero/thriller: Return of the AtomSmashers!

Horror: The Darkness of the Vigil.

All these works can be downloaded as PDFs (to read on your computer), or the two most popular e-book formats – .mobi for Kindles, and .epub for almost everything else.

If you don’t have a dedicated e-book reader such as a Kindle or a Nook or a Kobo, don’t worry, visit http://home.theauthorsapprentice.co.uk/free-kindles-for-all/ to get the free Kindle software which works on almost any mobile phone, iPad or Android tablet you’d care to mention.

If you have never transferred an e-book directly to your Kindle, there’s some quick and simple online instructions on how to do that at http://home.theauthorsapprentice.co.uk/easy-ways-to-load-ebooks-you-havent-purchased-through-amazon/

The voting on which book to select has already started and will end Monday 23rd March 2015. You can make your vote count at any of the four links to the books above.

This is the first time a novel has been written like this, and I’m as fascinated and excited as you are to see which book will actually be chosen.

Don’t forget, you can drop me a line on any article on the main site, or head over to the forum and chat with me or your fellow apprentices.



Legends of the Time-Lost



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