Writing for fun and profit … short story contests.

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Entering short story contests can be a fun way for starting authors to reach new audiences, gain recognition and pick up a little extra folding green in prize money.

Sadly, many short story writing contests are total scams. Some of them charge huge entry fees when the prize is little more than a downloadable Adobe PDF certificate. Others will publish your winning submission — but only so long as you cover the organiser’s “editing costs” — or perhaps you’ll need to pay big bucks for a print-on-demand copy of the book containing your “winning” entry?

You’ll be surprised how many winners there are, when everyone pays!

Luckily, Reedsy — an online provider of freelance editors, designers and the like to indie writers — has compiled a list of writing contests over at …


From their list, it looks like quite a few of these competitions charge entry fees, which I’m never too keen on, but hopefully they’re not complete rip-offs.

Writing for fun and profit ... short story contests.

Writing for fun and profit … short story contests.

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