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Here’s the two opening/concept chapters for the 2017 Author’s Apprentice book, Mission to Mightadore (working title only at this stage – it’ll likely be called something else by the time it’s finished).

The rest of the book, we’ll complete across the rest of 2017, with you looking closely over my shoulder, back-seat driving and wrestling me for the steering wheel.

Mission to Mightadore

This is a fantasy novel and the 7th book in my Jackelian series. “What, 7th!” I hear you cry in a worried fashion. Don’t worry, readers. Unlike my chum George RR Martin and his Game of Thrones saga, the Jackelian series isn’t one long continuous linked narrative. You won’t need to start at book one and follow along in order. In fact, you don’t need to have read any of the previous six books to enjoy this next one. The series is closer in structure to something like the now sadly departed Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. Each work stands or falls on its own legs, with a story that starts on page one and is neatly concluded by the time you turn the final page.

There are a wide cast of characters, but they don’t all appear in every Jackelian book; with one exception, who, like Wally, always makes an appearance in my Jackelian novels. Let’s see if you spot him.

Every Jackelian tome is set in the same world – basically Earth of the far-future, but a world rendered pretty much unrecognisable by the passage of the ages. There’s imported aliens, genetically modified animals, mutants with strange powers, as well as various sub-species of humanity who have evolved away from our standard pattern, and, of course, adventure and danger aplenty.

Many of the series’ protagonists hail from the Kingdom of Jackals, Britain as it was, which has physically rejoined the European mainland after a reversal of continental drift. Hint: the map at the start is also ‘upside down’ after a magnetic reversal, or ‘flip’ of the planet. Much of the world exists at a Victorian level of technology after a millennia long-ice age erased the more advanced societies which existed before the climate shift. This is a cycle which has been repeated dozens of time across the eons. Rise. Fall. Light, followed by Dark Ages.

Anyway, have a read of the book’s initial two chapters – the first vote will follow shortly after you’ve familiarised yourself with the start.

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I have been working as a full-time author publishing fantasy and science fiction novels for HarperCollins for the last seven years.

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  1. brandon andrews says:

    can I read this book for free

  2. LCOOPER says:

    WOAH. That was quite amazing for an opening two chapters

  3. Amber McHale says:

    I didn’t really understand the concept of the first two chapters. I think that if I read a little more and read a couple of the other books I would understand it. Also I think that there is a little to much going on and it is a bit wordy.

  4. Izzy Wilkinson says:

    The book is very interesting but it gets very confusing at times.

  5. Jai Blanks says:

    There are to many characters, you don’t know what is going on. I’m so confused and struggling to read it. Not my style at all.

  6. April says:

    I think the characters names should be easier to pronounce so younger people can reed the book

  7. Jessie Herrera says:

    I am loving the story it is very exciting

  8. Safa Mirza says:

    I think it’s an interesting start! I personally enjoyed the beginning and am ready to read more. The variation in types of names makes it more enjoyable to read as well as it makes the book more unique. It’s good to be different, it makes me want to know what’ll happen next. Sérgio is probably my favourite character so far, i like his personality (or what we’ve seen of it so far) i think you can expand a lot with his character and make him into a character that stays with you, imprinted on your mind and is hard to forget.

  9. YSP2809 says:

    These two chapters are very interesting and I would love to read the next chapters. also because there is a lot of detail, i feel like I’m watching a movie because the words paint a detailed picture when reading this novel! And my favourite character is Alios because he is so innocent and always says it how it is, so i’m hoping he endures on this adventure on finding Seline’s mother.

  10. Alina says:

    Good story so far. However, I am a little confused but maybe when I read more of the story I will understand what is going on

  11. Matilda says:

    It was a bit hard to understand what was going on at first, but I think I figured it out, and I found it very exciting and tense

  12. Abdul says:

    I have read the two chapters and in my opinion I think it is introducing the too many characters in the length of two chapters however I mainly like how the first two chapters of the book are written but it has unknown things in the book in terms of it’s plot like Reindeer empire,necessarily a reader would need to read from the start of the collection of the books from this series but as you said “the Jackelian series isn’t one long continuous linked narrative. You won’t need to start at book one and follow along in order. In fact, you don’t need to have read any of the previous six books to enjoy this next one.” It would be very confusing at the start for the reader if they were to read this book without reading any other book from the series they would not understand what the Reindeer empire is and would get confused when new things from previous books.

    Although In my opinion I think readers who have read the previous books read this one (so far only 2 chapters,but maybe you have more chapters in work)it would allow them to enjoy more or the Sci-fi and fantasy like themes of book as if the have read the previous books they must have enjoyed the series and it’s elements of sci-fi and fantasy and those elements in the first two chapters would make it enjoyable for reader(or fan of the series if they have read all the previous books).

    In conclusion I think the first two chapters of the 7th book of the series that is in development is very enjoyable as I am also a bit of a fan in sci-fi and fantasy and from reading previous books with the same sort or theme it would seem this book so far is very good.

  13. CharlotteVanBochoven says:

    the first two chapters were good. but a little wordy for me. too many characters so I got a bit confused. but definitely a good start and storyline just needs simplifying.

    also when will the voting start?

  14. Eleanor says:

    WOW! For the opening two chapters that was awesome. Although, the first chapter when they find the alien space craft thing, I thing may have gone to OTT on the little military details.

  15. Erin. B says:

    I think that it is a really good opening which will encourage readers to want to read more as it is exciting. Slightly confusing at first, but I understood the more I read. I think if it was simplified, more people would find it enjoyable. Overall, a good opening, but could use some work.:)

  16. ecyliee says:

    So far I enjoyed the idea the characters going on an adventure. But I think there is a lot of information to take in at the start(e.g ,there is a game and lots of characters) which made me a bit confused when trying to read and understand the context. I hope there is a good plot line in the story that has lots of ups and downs to really make this story unique to other adventure stories.

  17. _Molly_ says:

    In chapter one I think there is too many characters being introduced at the very beggining and that they should be introduced gradually through the book as sometimes you forget who the character is later on but other than that it’s a great story line so far.

    • Hannah Fry says:

      I completely agree

      You should start with the main characters and then add in the others eventually
      It could confuse younger readers with so many characters

  18. Branden says:

    I think there should be more of an explanation as to the lore of the world and what the characters’ goal is

  19. LCOOPER says:

    Have the votes started yet and if so how can I get to them

  20. Jamie says:

    Me I am back still not read your book bye

  21. Jamie says:

    Hi back good so far yay good hay

  22. Jamie says:

    Hi read the the ring thing

  23. Blerton Gerguri says:

    Hi, I was not aware that I was able to comment and therefore am late. The detail and all the goings-on in the beginning drag the reader in, with a plethora of questions circling their mind. This will allow further back-story to be implemented in the next parts of the book, causing,of course, the reader to read on! However, I believe this sudden roller-coaster may frighten certain readers, and leave them flabbergasted at the beginning, giving an unattractive aesthetic to the book. Nevertheless, I believe this book will entice most who come upon it.

  24. Lucy Kempsey says:

    This is good but it confuses me as there is a lot of description in the first three paragraphs but apart from that it’s quite good.

  25. To be honest, I was not very keen on the whole concept of this book.
    Firstly, it is very hard to follow and I feel like I’m reading another language.
    Secondly, even if I did understand what was going on, I wouldn’t know how to pronounce the words.
    I personally would not choose to read this but I hope you succeed and make your book better,
    kind regards,
    P.S my classmates weren’t too keen on the idea either.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Considering that this is a book made for teens and is influenced/written by teens the first two chapters are rather confusing and kind of boring.

    Therefore, I think you should change the first few chapters to introduce the characters and storyline more. This will be significant because the current storyline is unappealing, uninteresting, hard to follow and a complete and utter waste of time.

  27. Katie says:

    The plot is confusing and the language, I find, is very difficult to understand. I am struggling to follow what is going on in the book. There are too many characters being introduced in the first two chapters alone. If the characters introductions could be more widespread, it would be a lot easier to follow.

  28. Alice Warrener says:

    when I first read this book I wasn’t too keen on the idea of the book. the characters names were too confusing although now you have changed them I think they are easier to understand and for younger children to understand. also I am not too sure who the target audience for the book Is as in some parts the language is too hard and young children wouldn’t be able to read it. however, in other parts the language is easy and young children would be able too read it. it would be good if you made the plot less complicated as it is hard to follow.

  29. Lucy McCann says:

    After reading the first chapter, I think it’s very confusing and really hard to follow, despite the amount of description.

  30. Faith Brewin(: says:

    I think this book is interesting and I am becoming quite intrigued with it, yet the plot can be very difficult to wrap your head around.

  31. rose says:

    I have read the first chapter and I read a bit of the second chapter and I found it hard to follow. if I saw the book and read the blurb in a library I wouldn’t pick it up. I think that you should set the scene a bit better. I also think that it was quite boring.

  32. Daisy Dorsch says:

    how come I can red my own comments but not people that have posted that are my classmates.

  33. Emelia & Emily & Sophie & Kirsten says:

    Considering that this is a book made for teens and is influenced/written by teens the first two chapters are rather confusing and kind of boring.

    Therefore, I think you should change the first few chapters to introduce the characters and storyline more. This will be significant because the current storyline is unappealing, uninteresting, hard to follow and a complete and utter waste of time.

  34. I am bamboozled at the fact that Cassie is in the lead! Surely it should be Sophie as Cassie is already a main character. #sagnus

  35. Rachel Smith says:

    Personally I find Stephen, that this isn’t your best. Not mad, just disappointed. Come and see me at the end of the lesson.

    • Rachel Smith says:

      My real opinion is, that I like the book so far and I am looking forward to the coming chapters, however some of the names are a bit difficult to keep up with.

  36. Grace Teare says:

    Personally, I find this book quite hard to understand and the story line is hard to grasp. However that is just my opinion, this is not my type of book. I’m sure lots of other people would enjoy this book.

  37. ecyliee says:

    I love the vocab used in the book. But sadly I loose track what is going on easily. It is not my type of book but the plot of it ,so far, seems good and quite active.

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