You’ve got it covered: pick the novel’s cover art.

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Here’s your opportunity to vote on the final cover style for the novel.

There are two styles to choose from – cartoon comic-book or airbrush. You can click the two thumbnails below to be taken to a higher resolution picture.

The cartoon style is currently a pencil sketch – the final cover would, of course, be inked and coloured in by the illustrator if that’s what you want to vote for. This particular sketch illustrates the start of the novel when Jared Black is discovered in the ruins of the crashed space-ship.

Cartoon comic-book style.

Cartoon comic-book style.

The second cover is more the classic airbrushed fantasy/scifi style you’ll see gracing a lot of genre books. This is the submarine that takes the party down through the lunar sea after they’re rescued from the island.

Classic airbrushed style.

Classic airbrushed style.

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